St. Francis School is one of the very few schools in Ranchi which has converted all class rooms into Smartclasses. The school has entered into a contract with HCL Digischool, an outstanding service provider in the education sector. With the new arrangement every class room of the school is equipped with a P. C., Projector and an Interactive Smartboard which enables teaching in a more child-centred way. The set up in each class is linke by a LAN to a server which is the storehouse of a vast educational content. The whole syllabi of classes Nursery to X is available in this content. Teachers use the Smartboards for regular teaching, storing lessons and demonstrating the ready made content available in the server. With this facility learning has become a multisensory exercise and visual learners will find learning a lot easier and entertaining.

English Language Laboratory

Another addition by way of technology facilitating education is an English Language Laboratory. This is a set up where students improve their spoken language by listening to correct pronunciation, practise it and check their progress in a personalized manner. The Language Lab has a number of P.C.ís with ear phones and speakers for each. Students listen to the audio content but speak themselves while a software forms the platform for guiding each one to better his/ her speaking skill and improving upon it with the correct pronunciation, accent and diction.


Co-curricular Activities

The school provides a variety co-curricular activities. There are classes held for Dance, Music, Karate, Yoga, Cooking, Dramatics, etc. There is a class deovted to developing skills in a number of literary cultural pursuits. All the students have to join a club of their choice where each one can get input from instructors in their area of interest. Some of the clubs are Science Club, Quiz Club, Elocution Club, Eco Club, Drama Club, etc.

There are also a number of outdoor activities, sports and games and social work.

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